Meet the Team at UPG

Our team here at UPG is a diverse, energetic crew who work together to "make your job easier".

Joel McLean                     

Division Manager
Joel McLean

Joel is passionate about providing our clients total satisfaction on projects we work together on and building lasting business relationships.

As Division Manager he is responsible for the company's market direction and decisions made on the product ranges we provide to the industries we support. 
Joel took the role of Division Manager in March 2018 after being involved with project management and sales at UPG for 6 years and has been involved with the piping world since his first job.


James Boon 

Technical Sales
James Boon

Joining the team in 2005, James well-knows the technical aspects of our products, from the wiring of a Connexion Red welder to the suitability of PP-RCT in freezing conditions, he contributes extensive knowledge to the sales team and our markets. James is occupied with interacting with customers, consultants, construction companies and asset owners to ensure their needs are met by suggesting the best possible solution that we can provide. He's often traveling to see clients and providing technical support on-site.


Jordan Smith 

Purchasing Manager
Jordan Smith 

Jordan started with UPG in 2013 and is UPG's in-house marketing guy, preparing all of our print and online marketing.

He also heads up our purchasing team for all 3 companies here in the Satius Group (UPG, Ultibend and ES3).



Customer Service
Jo Turley

Joanna joined our team in 2018, coming from a background in customer service and accounts. Jo is the 'face' of our customer service team, being dedicated to efficiency, professionalism and serving our customers in a friendly manner to ensure they have the best possible experience. She is occupied with answering phone calls, the processing of orders and solving any customer issues that may arise.



Christine Power

Christine joined Satius Group in 2018 and assists with UPG's accounts team. Being well-organised, Christine looks after accounts payable and accounts receivable, ensuring accounts are settled on time.


Eugenia Smith 

Procurement Assistant
Eugenia Smith

Eugenia joined the UPG team at the beginning of 2016, having previously worked as an Administrative Assistant at our parent company, Ultibend Industries Ltd. Eugenia assists with procurement, being responsible for placing regular overseas stock orders.


Operations Coordinator
Dave Sloan



Bhavik Patel

Since joining the team at UPG in 2018 from our parent company Ultibend, Bhavik has been working in fabrication workshop and brings his extensive machine operator experience with him.



Fabrication & Onsite Welding
Jason Wyatt

Jason joined the UPG team in 2014. He is an experienced  member in our fabrication team. He has worked on various sites in the Wellington region, welding anything from trunk watermains to tank connections, on a range of polymer materials.

Spending much of his time in the factory has built up excellent knowledge on a range of machinery.



Eddie Korai

Capable winger from a local rugby team, Eddie joined our team in the end of 2016 and is responsible for ensuring all goods are dispatched on-time using the best possible freight rate every time!



Daniel Adams

Daniel came to lend his basketballer captancy capabilities to our team in early 2017. No, we don't really take advantage of his basketball skills but he's also brilliant on a dispatch team.



Robert Kumar

Robert joined the dispatch team in mid winter 2017. He's always a cheerful guy to bump into in the pipe yard. Outside of work he's most interested in spending his time with family and a bit of touch rugby.