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Maxair - UPG's own compressed air system. Consisting of PE100 pipe, the highest grade of polyethylene available, it is the only recommended system and is widely recognised by consultants and installers throughout the industry.
Boasting a 50-year guarantee, and 1000's of successful installs, the Maxair system is ductile, impact resistant, corrosion free, leak free and is amazingly safe with a 2:1 safety factor. Along with this guarantee, Maxair is OSH and MAF approved meaning it's safe for any industry including food-related sites.

There's no need for painting or other markings as the pipework is blue sleeved - conforming to international compressed air colour coding.

The advantages of the Maxair PE100 Compressed Air Pipe System are:

  • Food Grade material - suitable for breathing air.
  • Smooth bore - Higher flow rates, due to less friction.
  • Cleaner and dryer air supply - less condensation build-up than steel systems.
  • Resistant to compressor oils and a wide range of chemicals.
  • Extremely high resistance to seismic stresses.
  • Higher pressure rating - 16bar with a 2:1 safety factor.
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Easy to alter or adapt - under-pressure connection fittings available.
  • Wide range of pipe sizes - 20mm to 250mm
  • 50 Year Guarantee


When it comes to installation there's a number of options on offer - choose from compression, socket fusion or electrofusion. With no pipe threading, gluing or flaring needed, Maxair is fast to install - the industry says it can take only 1/3 of the time a galvanised system install takes. As the pipework is more rigid than other commonly used plastic pipes and is lightweight, it's much easier to get a neat install and you don't need so many mounting clips. When modifications are needed you can be sure to get it done with minimal downtime - under-pressure tapping saddles allow new off-takes to be installed without shutting down the air supply.

Compression fittings (more)

  • are simple and fast to install
  • require no special tools 
  • are easily installed by the customer 
  • can be dismantled and re-used or adapted
  • are strong and leak free

Socket Fusion Welded fittings

  • provide a leak-free, 4-minute cure-time, permanent bond
  • are maintenance free
  • are compact in size
  • are the same colour as the pipe
  • are ideal for underground installations
  • require a socket fusion welder which UPG have available for hire or purchase

Electrofusion Welded Fittings (more)

  • connect effortlessly – ideal for larger pipe sizes
  • provide a maintenance-free, leak-free, permanent bond 
  • have an under-pressure tapping saddle option – nil factory downtime
  • can be pre-assembled and pre-aligned
  • require an electrofusion welder which UPG have available for hire or purchase

Maxair distinguishes itself from its competitors…

  • it’s ADVANCED – optimum designs and materials 
  • it’s VERSATILE – application limited only by imagination 
  • it’s LOGICAL – ideas are easily implemented 
  • it’s CLEVER – if you can think it, you can do it 
  • it’s PRACTICAL – it simply does what’s required! 
  • it’s SAFE – meets all the required standards

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