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Stream HDPE Drainage System

Our Stream HDPE Drainage System offers a full range of non-pressure HDPE pipe and fittings that meet Green Star requirements and can be used for trade waste, chemical waste, non pressure drainage or water collection systems.

The system is suited to waste water systems in commercial kitchens, laundries and industrial plants as well as aggressive chemical fluids found in schools, laboratories and industrial buildings. The pipe and fittings can be jointed by either butt fusion or electrofusion so the full system is welded (no mechanical joints). Available in sizes from 40mm through to 315mm, there are a range of fittings available - including bends, branches, couplers, traps, junctions, sovent ventilation branches, floor wastes etc.

The features of Stream HDPE are:

  • The preferred drainage system for Green Star projects
  • High resistance to chemicals as well as organic and inorganic solvents
  • Temperature resistant -40 to +95deg
  • High elasticity and flexibility
  • Welded joints - no root infiltration or leak points
  • Watermark Approval

Primary benefits include:

  • excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  • high material flexability - great seismic properties
  • high impact resistance - even at low temperatures
  • easy to install - lightweight
  • safe and environment friendly
  • smooth bore - prevents the buildup of deposits
  • welded system - secure jointing either by butt or electrofusion 
  • excellent for casting direct into concrete - one system for a range of different applications

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