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Stream PE100

Our Stream PE100 pressure range offers a complete piping system manufactured from PE100 (polyethylene material also known as HDPE), for civil & infrastructure, mining, mechanical services, and industrial piping installations. The Stream PE100 range is particularly suited to chilled water and glycol applications, being crack resistant down to -30°C, and is the ideal system for large diameter pressure & non-pressure mains and water treatment & wastewater treatment plant installations. Extremely high resistance to seismic stresses, as proved during the Christchurch earthquakes, has made PE100 a leading choice for chilled water & condenser water systems in commercial HVAC installations. Stream PE100 offers all the benefits that come with using polyethylene.

The advantages of the Stream PE100 Piping System are:Stream Black Pipe

  • Design Flexibility
  • Chemical Resistance
  • High Impact Strength
  • Resistant to Ground Movement
  • Extremely high resistance to sesmic stresses
  • High Flow Capacity
  • UV Resistant
  • Cost Savings in Labour & Materials
  • Food Grade Material
  • Freeze Resistant to -30degC
  • Medium temp hot water up to 40degC
  • Excellent weldability with wide range of fittings available

The Stream PE100 range includes: PE100 Pipe, Electrofusion Fittings, Long Spigot Fittings, Buttweld Fittings, Socket Fusion Fittings, Fabricated Fittings, Backing Rings, PE/ Brass Transition Fittings, Mechanical Tapping Bands, Compression Fittings, Threaded Fittings, Valves, Gaskets & Bolts, Clips/Hangers and a whole lot more. 

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