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Electrofusion Fittings

Electrofusion jointing is a method of welding polyethylene pipework. Joints are permanent, non-reversible and when done correctly are at least as strong as the pipework it joins. These come standard as 39.5V to suit most welding equipment in the field.

UPG stock world renowned and market leading brands from manufacturers in Europe, and approved throughout NZ by most local/government bodies. You can rely on UPG for quality.

The Pressure Electrofusion system consists of:

  • Electrofusion Fittings
  • Electrofusion Control Unit
  • Preparatory Tools: Pipe cutters, Rotary pipe scraper, Wipes & Clamps

An electrofusion fitting is composed of a polyethylene body in which wire coils and terminals are embedded at manufacturing stage. When charged through the terminals with the electrofusion control unit, the coil is heated which is then transferred to the fitting and pipe. Heat and the resulting pressure causes the surface to melt and bond at molecular level. If the correct procedure is followed, there is no separation between fitting and pipe at the point of fusion.

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