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Insultherm is a pre-insulated pipe system that is used for the transportation of gases and liquids to the district heating and cooling, oil and gas, marine and industrial sectors. Most products are made to order so clients and engineers can specify the insulation thickness they require and their preferred pipe material.

UPG offer Insulated Pipe in a range of pipe systems/materials including:

  • Dynatherm Pipe encased in HDPE, which is suitable for temperatures up to 85°C at a range of working pressures and combines for a host of benefits including saving energy minimising heat loss, fast installation on site, corrosion resistance and lowering maintenence costs. Commonly used for heating water supply.
  • Stream PE100 Pipe encased in HDPE, which is suitable for temperatures from -30°C to 40°C at a range of working pressures. Benefits include fast install times compared to steel, minimises temperature loss, lower maintenence costs, corrosion resistant as well as being UV resistant. Commonly used for glycol and chilled water lines.
  • Steel encased in HDPE, which is suitable for temperatures over 85°C.

Black HDPE casing is standard although other finishes are available including PVC and Aluminium casing options.
You're not limited in any way when it comes to connections - from tees to reducers to offsets to bulkheads.

UPG can supply fabricated sections from drawings to suit your project. These come insulated ready to install - all part of making your job easier!

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