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PP-RCT Piping Systems - Dynatherm

Our Dynatherm range (by Baenninger in Germany) offers a full range of Standard PP-R, PP-RCT, Faser and Stabi Polypropylene pipe systems. While the Stream NZ pipe system offers savings over Polypropylene systems, Dynatherm is better suited to hot water applications and any installation where expansion/contraction is an issue. Dynatherm is also more cost effective than Stream in the smaller sizes (50mm and down). The new Dynatherm PP-RCT (Polypropylene - Random Copolymer Temperature enhanced) is a higher density polymer than the standard PP-R80 giving you higher efficiency at highest demands.

Dynatherm - made by Banninger

The advantages of the Dynatherm PP-RCT Pipe System are:

  • Greater stability at higher temperatures
  • Higher flow rates, and lower weight, due to reduced wall thickness of PP-RCT 
  • Higher temperature rating and longer life.
  • Suitable for potable water.
  • More rigid but less brittle
  • High resistance to seismic stresses
  • Higher pressure load/rated
  • Fully Guaranteed

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