PE Weld Bank

PE Weld Bank

UPG Pipe Systems are proud to be the agents for PE Weld Bank in NZ. Being a universal solution across all brands of welding machines, this system makes QA simple and also is user friendly for anyone in the field doing welding. By having photographs and GPS location of all welds, project managers and business owners can be sure that they have the QA process covered for the client and can receive real-time datalogging as welding is completed.

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PE Weld Bank mobile app is a powerful QA, risk management and productivity tool that helps you accurately track your poly welding processes in real time

  • PE Weld Bank mobile app and data recording system replaces the need for manual paper records..
  • PE Weld Bank mobile app ensures correct welding parameters are being adhered to by prompting the operator through each fusion welding step, whilst displaying timers, actual pressures and temperatures.
  • When combined with the Bluetooth sensor device set, PE Weld Bank accurately records the temperatures and welding pressures, allowing instant review of welding results through the interactive onscreen welding graph*.
  • All weld data is securely uploaded and stored in the online Fusion Management System (FMS) in real time, allowing you to review any weld, track welder and project productivity, and share reports with your clients


Introduction To Sensors

Pairing Sensors to Smart Phone or Tablet

Welding with PE Weld Bank

Introduction to Fusion Management System

Creating Reports

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