May 2017
Chemical/Water/Waste Transfer
Hill Road Coolstore
Drylands Winery

Graeme Lowe Tannery

This project involved a few hundred metres of Stream PE100, Dynatherm and Insultherm piping for various services, including: cold water, hot water (85°C), warm water (50°C), effluent waste and sulphuric acid transfer.

Our fabrication for this project included 120 metres of 400mm flanged pipe lengths and 60 metres of 315mm flanged pipe lengths for the effluent waste mains, with pre-fabricated 100mm PE100 manifolds connecting to a series of offtakes every 6 metres along the main discharge lines. PE100 was chosen ahead of stainless steel to replace the original PVC due to its ability to withstand harsh chemicals and UPG’s ability to supply a large bore pre-fabricated and cost effective solution.

The Insultherm pre-insulated pipe system was used for the underground transfer of cold, warm & hot water between the pumphouse and the main plant.

Project Partners

Asset Owner & Installer: Lowe Corporation

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