Late 2014
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Waikanae Pump Station Upgrade (Rauparaha Street)

The Kapiti District Council have completed a total upgrade of one of their main sewer pumping stations, the Rauparaha Street Pump Station. This project was very complex with sheet piling issues, 9 metre wet well with dewatering challenges and large diameter PE100 pipework from 200mm up to 560mm SDR17. UPG manufactured a wide range of special sections including, long leg segmented bends, large 560mm dropper tees for the pipe outfall, and made-to-measure puddle flange sections to match the DN500 sluice valves. This job also included UPG's onsite welding team using our equipment to extrusion weld the dropper tees in place where a EF coupler wasn't possible.

Another challenge that the team from Tatana Contracting have ticked off!

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