At UPG you receive genuine personal service to meet your unique demands, without compromise. We offer a broad range of services to compliment our extensive product range and ensure you always have the tools and fittings required to complete your projects in the most economic and efficient way possible.




Working primarily in polyethylene, UPG’s capabilities are limited only by your imagination. We are able to call on a vast selection of fabrication techniques to create exactly what you need for the job. In many cases, UPG are able to offer design guidance to ensure optimal performance and to identify possible cost engineering benefits. Our engineers can also advise as to the most appropriate material to use in your specific application.


The UPG Group have 4 large workshops in Australasia, devoted to the creation of specialist polymer fabrications as diverse as complex manifolds for mechanical services applications, mining, landfill and coal seam gas collection systems to off-shore pontoons. Prefabricated sections of stack-work for high-rise projects can be built from workshop drawings, with substantial time and cost savings to the contractor.


In addition to our special capabilities, UPG also offer a range of standard polyethylene pipe fabrications such as segmented bends and watermain fittings. We endeavor to maintain off-the-shelf stocks of the most popular lines.


We pay great attention to producing a finished product that will maintain your reputation - and of course, promote ours!

Urgency and Flexibility

Do you need a fabrication urgently? Has your client amended their plans at the last minute? WE CAN HELP!

The UPG fabrication team understands time constraints and we work to meet yours. We make it happen!