Our robust pipe systems offer superior durability, delivering performance that will stand the test of time.

Stream PE100 Pressure


Complete piping system manufactured from PE100 for civil & infrastructure, mining, mechanical services, and industrial piping installations. Fitting options full range of Electrofusion and Butt Weld connections depending on the project.

Stream HDPE Drainage


Non-pressure HDPE pipe and fittings for trade waste, chemical waste, non pressure drainage or water collection systems. Suited to waste water systems in commercial kitchens, laundries, and industrial plants, as well as aggressive chemical fluids found in schools, laboratories, and industrial buildings.

Tools & Equipment


UPG supply a wide range of welding tools and equipment and offer calibration and servicing in NZ for most items we sell. We are the distributor for Ritmo equipment in New Zealand.



UPG’s own compressed air system. Consisting of PE100 pipe (the highest grade of polyethylene) it is the only recommended PE100 system and is widely recognised by consultants and installers throughout the industry.

Dynatherm PP-RCT


Suited to both cold and hot water applications and any installation where expansion or contraction is an issue. The Dynatherm PP-RCT is a higher density polymer than the standard PP-R80 giving you better efficency at the highest demands.



Pre-insulated pipe systems used for the transportation of gases and liquids to the district heating and cooling, oil and gas, marine, and industrial sectors. Manufactured in New Zealand by UPG.

PE Gas

PE Gas

PE gas pipe has been used in underground gas networks for years and is the ideal product for this application, being durable, lightweight to install, and a fully welded system.