March 2016
Mining, Gas & Geothermal
Geothermal Pipework
Queens Residence
Victoria University Wellington

Hutt City Council Building

On this project, a geothermal piped system has been installed using our Stream PE100 system. This had over 7 km of 32mmOD pipework installed including drop sections strapped to the 18 metre deep piles installed on site. All pipe runs lead back to the plantroom where UPG have fabricated headers in PP-RCT with 178 off takes to accomodate all the pipework. Impressive stuff!

Also, UPG have proudly supplied the Dynatherm PP-RCT system for the potable hot and cold plumbing for the Lower Hutt City Council Building alongside the Town Hall project. Sizes ranged from 25mm to 75mm for the main cold water runs. Stream PE100 also used for the firemains and watermain feeding the site sizes between 90mm and 180mm.

Project Partners

Developer: Hutt City Council
Project Manager: RDT Pacific Ltd
Architect: Architecture+
Consulting Engineers: Stephenson & Turner NZ Ltd
Contractor: Naylor Love Ltd
Installer: Virtual Plumbing Ltd

Systems Employed