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UPG Pipe Systems have worked alongside the Cawthron Institute / SPATnz to help design and supply their new seawater pipeline for their ongoing research programme. HDPE (Stream PE100) was chosen being perfect for seawater applications, doesn't support micro-organism growth and its smooth bore/surface to minimise the chance of spat/spawn growth. 630mmOD SDR33 pipework was installed using butt welds and was internally debeaded onsite. 

Mutiple sections were pre-fabricated in UPG's workshop and delivered direct to site. These included breather pipes, equal tees with blank sections for future pond connections and puddle flanges for connection to the concrete header tank.

A interesting job and well done to the installers who handled this large PE100 pipework well, along with the challenges of working in the tidal environment!

UPG has also supplied our Dynatherm PP-RCT for both the heating/chilled water mechanical services pipework and our Maxair System for the compressed air throughout the new site. Look for the green and blue pipelines in the awesome video below!

Project Partners

Developer: Cawthron Aquaculture Park / SPATNZ (Shellfish Production & Technology NZ Ltd)
Project Manager: Hay & Associates Quantity Surveyors Ltd
Builder: Gibbons Construction Ltd
Contractor (earthworks): EarthWorks Nelson Ltd
Contractor (pipe welding): UPG Pipe Systems 

Systems Employed