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Marine Events Centre

The Marine Events Centre, situated in the Wynyard Quarter on Auckland's waterfront, is a 6000 m2 multi-purpose facility offering flexible exhibition, meeting and hospitality space. UPG's Stream HDPE Drainage System was used for the rainwater drainage system, with each of the cigar shaped columns having a 160mm HDPE pre-extended dropper inside, draining into 250mm under-wharf network that feeds the 1200mm x 15mt under-wharf rainwater tanks. Under-wharf installation was particularly challenging as there was only a window of time during low tide that there was room to actually get under the wharf in a boat to hang and weld pipes...Hanlon's team did a great job!
The Stream HDPE piping system was chosen for this application because of it's durability and UV resistance, along with UPG's ability to be able to supply the 160mm droppers in 13.8mt lengths to fit inside the structural columns.

Project Partners

Architect: Holmes Consulting Group
Construction Company: Hawkins Construction Ltd
Hydraulic Consultant: eCubed Building Workshop Ltd
Plumber: Hanlon Plumbing Ltd

Systems Employed