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Novotel Hotel - Auckland Airport

The Novotel Hotel at Auckland International Airport is truely a fine piece of architecture. With 12 levels, 263 bedrooms, a gymnasium, a 150 seat restaurant & bar, 11 meeting rooms, and a conference room for 300 people, this complex project provides world class accommodation for visitors arriving in our beautiful country.

Plumbco from the North Shore installed UPG's Stream HDPE Drainage system for the trade waste stacks. The Stream sovent fitting (ventilation branch) was installed at each floor on every drainage stack. UPG's sovent fittings are the ideal solution in high-rise buildings where the simultanous use factor of the sanitary appliances is high. This innovative waste system guarantees excellent ventilation of the waste stack and branches on each floor, limiting pressure fluctuations in the system.

Project Partners

Developer: Tainui Group Holdings
Architect: Warren & Mahoney
Construction Company: Hawkins Construction
Plumber: Plumbco Ltd

Systems Employed